Hi, my name is Saori Matsushita. With the support of everyone, I was able to open my own online store on the first day of March 2021. Through my store, I will share my ceramic artworks, and through this blog, I will share episodes related to my artworks and how I use them, and so on.

This is the first post, so let me tell you a little about myself.

I was born in the suburbs of Tokyo, Japan, in the winter of 1990. I went to an art university in Japan to become an artist, and studied sculpture until I got to the Ph.D. program. Yes, my major is sculpture.

The reason why I am working as a ceramic artist is that, while I was working with ceramic sculptures, I also started to learn pottery at the same time as part of my material research. I had always loved to touch clay, so I became more and more into pottery as well. I was probably even more passionate about it than sculpture.

When I was a post-graduate student, I decided to start working with pottery in a career. Technically I did not have a mentor for pottery, so I trained almost by myself. I spent a lot of time in the university library to study the formulation of glazes, smuggled into pottery classes and watched every pottery video on YouTube to learn the techniques, got an old used potter's wheel, and made hundreds of pieces of pottery in my grandfather's studio, who was a craftsman.

I sold the pieces I made successfully on online stores like Japan's Etsy and made some money. Then, with the support of many people, especially my family, I could become a ceramic artist, and in 2018, I was invited to have a solo exhibition once a year at Gallery Goto in Ginza, Tokyo. (I am very grateful to Miss Goto for accepting my offer as an unknown artist at that time.

And the same year, I fell in love with Sean Pearson, a wonderful artist I met in Tokyo, that changed my future. My marriage to him led me to move to the United States in 2020. We moved to an apartment in Seattle with a view of Lake Washington, built a small studio in the laundry room, installed an electric kiln under the fireplace, and in January of 2021, I restarted my career.

I have been helped by many people who believe in my talent. I will continue to improve my style and show you my wonderful works.


Saori Matsushita