Today, I would like to talk about stoneware, which is the name of my store, "Saori M Stoneware".

Stoneware is a type of pottery called “Sekki (炻器)" in Japanese. Which characterized by a reddish-brown base with a lot of iron-oxide content, it is hard stone-like material that is fired at high temperatures and finished without glaze, like Bizen Pottery, one of the six oldest kilns in Japan.

It is a medium between ceramic and porcelain, not absorbing water like porcelain and not translucent like ceramic. It has a solid texture and makes a clear sound when you pop it with your fingernail. 

In the U.S., stoneware is also it is glazed. (Wikipedia's information is not correct, so don't take it too seriously. Stoneware is also a distinct category in East Asian archaeology.) The definition of stoneware seems to be different in Asia and the Western world, but since I am Japanese, I use the definition of stoneware as “unglazed, high-fired pottery".

Materials of Pottery

In addition to the above table, there are many other types of pottery in Japan, such as “Sueki (須恵器)", a kind of high-fired, unglazed earthenware introduced from the Korean Peninsula around the 5th century, and Raku, a popular firing method in the U.S. that originated in 16th century of Japan.

Since I have been in the U.S., most of the stoneware that I see is glazed pottery. It is true that the glazed surface looks more useful. When I decided to sell my work in my online store, I was uncertain whether I should give priority to usability.

However, I felt that I should not give up on the beauty of unglazed stoneware with it's matte texture and vivid colors, so I prioritized the perfect appearance when 

arranged on your shelf. In reality, stoneware does not stain as much as glazed pottery because of it's tighter material, and it is not so different from glazed pottery in terms of comfort.

I will continue to research the material and explore the possibilities of stoneware in the future. Well, that's it for today. See you next time!


「Saori M Stoneware」という私のお店ですが、この「ストーンウェア」とは何か、ということについて今日はお話ししましょう。